Owen Legacy Group

Anne Owen Ashton, CFP®, CWS®
Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Anne is a Bozeman native and grew up downtown on the corner of 6th and Olive. During high school and college, she spent her summers working at the front desk for D.A. Davidson, and she joined the Owen Legacy Group in 2009. Anne is our visionary, and her days are consistently occupied trying to make the Owen Legacy Group and D.A. Davidson better. Her vision for the firm has been instrumental in continually raising the standard of service and commitment that clients receive. Anne is particularly adept at helping clients envision their future and find the path that takes them to where they want to be. Whether that is developing a meaningful legacy plan or sending children to college, Anne is there to make sure you have considered all of your options and found the right path for you and your family. When Anne is not at work, she can be found riding her horse, or taking her children to explore some part of Montana.


Brenda Kitto, CFP®, CWS®
Associate Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager and Assistant Branch Manager

Brenda grew up in Ennis, Montana, and moved to Bozeman, where she studied accounting at Montana State University. Shortly after graduating, she joined the Owen Legacy Group in 2000 and has been instrumental in the enormous satisfaction our clients have enjoyed over the years. She specializes in making sense of incredibly complicated situations and communicates planning options with much consideration, thought, and care. Her exceptional attention to detail and remarkable memory serve our clients in ways they never imagined possible. She and her husband have three girls and a granddaughter, and she cherishes her time with them camping, hiking, attending football games (Go Cats!) or eating out. She is a wonderful listener, a loyal and honest friend, and an eager shopping companion.




Morgan Owen, CFP®, CPFA 
Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Growing up in Bozeman, Morgan always knew this is where he wanted to live. However, after graduating from Bozeman High, he went east to attend college at Wesleyan University and stayed to learn the asset management ropes in New York City during the 2008 financial crisis. After three exciting years, the Bridgers started calling, and Morgan returned to his hometown and the Owen Legacy Group. His clarity of vision is surpassed only by his capacity to connect with those around him and his involvement in our community. He loves everything about Montana: the pace of life, the friendly people, and unparalleled access to the outdoors. He is an accomplished skier and fisherman and enjoys playing hockey, mountain biking, playing golf, and eating out downtown. Morgan has a passion for stock picking and portfolio management, and even dabbles in real estate. He is a fiercely loyal friend, husband and father, and is someone you want to know if you live in Bozeman.


Carrie McAleer, FPQP
, CWS®
Senior Registered Associate

Carrie joined the Owen Legacy Group in 2013 after spending her first two years with D.A. Davidson in Moscow, Idaho, following her graduation from the University of Idaho. Though the Moscow office was disappointed to see her go, Carrie was determined to live in Bozeman. This determination is a fundamental part of who Carrie is and ultimately what drives her both personally and professionally. The Owen Legacy Group could not provide the level of service that our clients have come to expect without Carrie. Her drive to be the most knowledgeable, understanding, timely, and detail-oriented member of our group is evident in everything she does. She is humble and thoughtful, and plays a critical role in the success of our team. When Carrie is not in the office, she can be found on the golf course, working in her garden, out with friends, or spending time with her family.


Leah Barrett
Senior Registered Associate

Leah is the most recent addition to the Owen Legacy Group and oh, are we glad to have her. She is originally from Colorado, but after spending the last 12 years living in Bozeman, it is clear to all who know her that she is home. Leah came to us with seven years of banking experience coupled with the unique combination of warmth and total discretion. She is bright, compassionate, and full of positive energy, and extends this to anyone whose path she crosses. Leah is wonderfully adept at understanding what our clients need, what steps are needed to meet those needs, and providing an exceptional experience along the way. Leah has a true love for the outdoors, animals, and balance. When not at work, she can be found on the golf course, the river, or the top of a mountain. She is an accomplished artist and has a wonderful sense of beauty.