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2022 Q4: What's New at the Owen Legacy Group

What's New at the Owen Legacy Group

2022 Q4 Edition




Senior Registered Associate

Carrie, Jon and Brody had a very special Christmas this year with the arrival of Finley Mary McAleer in the early morning of December 6. Weighing 7 pounds, 1 ounce and measuring 21 inches long, she is the perfect addition to their family. Big brother, Brody, was initially unsure of this noisy newcomer, but has since warmed up to the idea of a little sister. He is now quite affectionate and ensures “his baby” has a pacifier or soft stuffed animal whenever needed.

The family had a wonderful Christmas in Bozeman with Carrie’s parents and were joined by Carrie’s two brothers from Arizona and Ohio. Brody wore himself out playing with his cousins and there was no shortage of arms eager to hold Finley.

Carrie and Jon are so thankful for all the blessings that 2022 held and are looking forward to entering the New Year as a family of four. Carrie will spend the first few months of 2023 at home with Brody and Finley, but plans to return to the office in mid-March.









Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Assistant Branch Manager

The holidays often bring an increase in gratitude and appreciation for Brenda, and this year was no different. Hosting family in the new house over Thanksgiving was such a joy; the younger generation doing all of the cleanup was an added rewarding shift. She especially liked that Jenna and Kate put down their devices and learned how to play (and win) their first game of Pictionary. December brought Bobcat football playoffs, Christmas parties and so much shopping. It also brought another round of shuttling children with Jenna making the freshman basketball team. Both Brenda and Jeff played basketball and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the games. After a disappointing year-end flight cancelation, Brenda is looking forward to a new year and getting a couple of warm weather trips on the calendar.













Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

The Ashton family had a wonderful holiday season full of friends, family, food and so much fun. They were blessed to gather the entire extended family and in-laws for a delicious Christmas Eve dinner, followed by a quiet (as it could be with three little ones) Christmas morning. They could not feel more blessed for the wonderful place they live and being surrounded by mountains and snow. Charlie has blazed a sledding trail in the front of his house and has been working on making it faster every day of Christmas break. All three kids are building their ski muscles at Bridger, just in time for lessons starting in February. In addition, the entire family is looking forward to a little time in the sun as they travel to Hawaii at the end of January to celebrate Anne’s 40th birthday.






Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Morgan and his family have had an incredible start to winter. The early snow has provided ample opportunities to get out and play. Morgan, Oliver and Marisa have been enjoying sledding and skiing. Oliver recently went to Bridger Bowl for his first day of skiing. No surprise, he loved it and can’t wait to get back up there. The holidays were low key, and the three enjoyed hosting Marisa’s family who were in town from California. The brutal cold snap right before Christmas was a little shock for Marisa’s family, but all had a great time hanging out next to the fire and spending time indoors with no particular agenda. They are looking forward to the days growing longer and warmer, but in the meantime, will be enjoying another amazing winter in Bozeman.










Client Associate

Kaylee has had a great fall and start to the winter season. She spent her time tailgating at the MSU football games, spending time with friends, and exploring the outdoors. Her holidays were spent in her hometown of Butte, skiing at Big Sky and baking all of her grandma’s favorite holiday treats with her mom. She recently moved from Belgrade to Bozeman and is excited about her new place. She looks forward to getting out and skiing more this winter, with her goal being to ski Bridger for the first time.







Senior Registered Associate

For Leah, the end of 2022 was filled with not just new travel but also a wonderful person to travel with! After a chance meeting in Scotland, Leah and Simon wanted to continue traveling together and planned a 10-day European tour visiting four countries: Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. They toured Christmas markets with each market having their own unique niche, specialized mulled wine and treats. Indulging at each market, they tried delicious cuisine such as Wiener schnitzel, Hungarian Goulash, meat-filled pierogis (Leah’s favorite) and smoked cheese baked over an open fire. In Budapest they toured local street art in the historic Jewish Quarter and enjoyed natural hot waters at the historic Szechenyi Bath, learned about the political history of Slovakia and visited the Polish Uprising Museum in Warsaw. Each experience brought an even deeper respect for the area’s history. On a personal note, Leah’s grandmother was born in a small village outside Budapest in 1906. Leah was able to tour the town, look for family names in the small cemetery and connect to the country of her roots in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.