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2023 Q1: Client Access Enhancements: Important Updates Coming Your Way

Client Access Enhancements: Important Updates Coming Your Way

We are pleased to inform you of several upcoming enhancements to D.A. Davidson’s Client Access website. These include expanded enrollment for all account owners and a new Secure Document Share feature.

To help us implement these changes and evolve your online experience, we will require current Client Access users to complete an enrollment update starting April 27, 2023. Through this update, you will verify your identity, confirm your eDelivery preferences, and refresh your security questions.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete the requested update and know you will enjoy the added features and security. We would like to offer our service walking you through this process to alleviate any unnecessary frustration. Kaylee Simkins is our resident Client Access Concierge. When you are ready to update your online access, please give us a call at 406-556-6993. We are standing by ready to assist you through this process and make sure you are aware of any relevant features.

If you would like to update your Client Access on your own, please be aware that your ability to view accounts for other members of your household will change, so consider taking the following steps before completing the enrollment update:

  • Encourage other members of your household to enroll for Client Access by completing Self-Enrollment at Until each member self-enrolls and grants you Guest Access, you will not be able to view their accounts.

  • Additionally, until each member self-enrolls and elects eDelivery, they will receive their account statements and other communications via USPS mail.

After the enrollment update is complete, you will gain access to new service features, including Secure Document Share, which enables you to share sensitive documents behind the added security of the Client Access login, instead of through physical mail or email.

If at any point you are frustrated with the process or would simply like us to walk you through from start to finish, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 406-556-6993. We are standing by, ready to assist and get your upgraded Client Access up and running.

If you would like to reach us outside of regular business hours, D.A. Davidson has a dedicated Client Access Support Team available to assist you and can be reached at