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2023 Q2: What's New at Owen Legacy Group

What's New at the Owen Legacy Group

2023 Q2 Edition





Senior Registered Associate

Leah’s news over the last year has been filled with adventure and new things, and this quarter is no exception with one of her biggest adventures yet on the horizon. Although leaving Bozeman and the Owen Legacy Group will be difficult, Leah is excited to remove the long-distance title from her relationship with Simon and is relocating to Virginia to start their lives together. If anyone had told her a year ago that she would be swapping the Rocky Mountains for the East Coast, she never would have believed them. Through the years of living in Bozeman, Leah knew she wanted to make Montana her forever home. Joining the Owen Legacy Group in 2015 solidified this valley as her future. That shifted, however, when Leah met Simon, who is nothing short of wonderful, last summer. They are excited to start their adventure together in early August. When asked what she will miss the most, Leah expressed, “I will miss the kinship forged in iron with everyone on my team and their families. All of whom have become my own extended family through the years.

We have countless memories I will cherish as I move onto this next stage in my life. I will dearly miss our amazing clients who truly made this career into something I looked forward to being a part of each and every day.” Leah’s near future may look more different than she ever thought, but in sharing the sentiments of Steinbeck, “...with Montana it is love,” she hopes in her continuation of her life with Simon that they will return to this gorgeous valley together one day. We are thrilled for their happiness but are saddened we will not have her in our daily lives. Leah will be departing August 1st, you can still reach out to her via a phone call or email to extend any well wishes as she will be working remotely for a brief period of time through the OLG transitions.







Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Morgan has been enjoying his start to summer. It was kicked off by an amazing fishing trip to Alaska with his dad Tim. Tim and Morgan spent a week off the grid fly-fishing for king salmon. This has become a little bit of a tradition, and there is nothing quite like removing yourself from distractions for a week and just enjoying such a special place. Since returning to Montana, Morgan and his family have been excited to get outside and take advantage of these beautiful long summer days. They have been out on the river and started to teach Oliver how to row. They are looking forward to spending the remainder of the summer in Montana and taking the time to enjoy the beautiful state.







Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

There is truly nothing more wonderful than summer in Montana. We have been blessed with plenty of rain and no smoke so far this summer, which has meant many outdoor excursions. Anne and the Owen Ladies had a girl’s trip on a river boat from Paris to Normandy to celebrate her mother’s birthday. It was full of fun, food, beautiful vistas, and beautiful gardens. The Ashtons had friends come to visit which afforded them the time to spend three days in Yellowstone National Park. The park never fails to impress. They were also lucky enough to spend the 4th of July in Ennis, Montana. If you have never been to the Ennis parade and rodeo add it to your list. They are all looking forward to the next few weeks of summer and spending time at camp and the pool. Before we know it, school will be starting, and the leaves will be turning.







Client Associate

Kaylee’s summer has been a busy one. She has filled her time with going to concerts, weddings, and being outside (when the weather permits). Living in Montana her whole life,
she has always wanted to bike the Going to the Sun Road, and this year she made it a reality.
It was an amazing way to take in all of the beauty Glacier has to offer. Another highlight of Kaylee’s summer was a family trip to Denver where she got to experience a concert at Red Rocks for the first time. She hopes to make it up to Flathead Lake a few times before summer’s end. Wedding planning has been going well, and she looks forward to getting married in January.







Senior Registered Practice Coordinator

Spring was warmly welcomed by the McAleer family, who had eagerly been awaiting the end of a very long winter. They wasted no time in pulling out the sunhats, sandals, and sunscreen and getting outside. Brody helped his mom plant their vegetable garden and has been watering and checking on its progress regularly. When he isn’t swinging his golf clubs, he is riding his bike and keeps busy tearing along the sidewalks and local walking trails. Finley is growing like a weed and loves playing and laughing with her big brother Brody. She is proudly sporting two new teeth and is always excited to taste new foods or chew on anything within reach. The family is looking forward to enjoying another beautiful summer in Bozeman with family and friends.







Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Assistant Branch Manager

With the long, wet spring, Brenda was elated to sneak away to Arizona with friends for an extended weekend in April to soak up some sun, where she enjoyed good food, good wine, good hiking, and great shopping. This long weekend away was just the beginning of a very full calendar stretching throughout the summer. Much of this busyness comes in the form of kids’ sports camps and open gyms with a sprinkling of time with friends and family. At the end of June, her family visited from Texas and North Carolina, and the crew fit in a lot of laughter, a few hikes, and a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Brenda is looking forward to her annual camping trip to Crow Creek in July, as well as a family getaway to Las Vegas where she and her sisters will celebrate their mother’s 80th birthday with a few shows and a trip to the Grand Canyon.