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2023 Q3: What's New at Owen Legacy Group

What's New at the Owen Legacy Group

2023 Q3 Edition




Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

As one of the best Montana summers in recent history comes to an end, Morgan and his family are trying to cram in as many summer activities as they can before the snow falls. The Owens have been busy spending time on the river and teaching Oliver how to row. They also went on their first camping trip as a family this year. Oliver loved sleeping in a tent, exploring the woods and most of all, the s’mores! One of the highlights of the summer was spending the weekend on Echo Lake for the annual Owen Legacy Group team retreat. This was a great opportunity for the team to get together with spouses and kids and spend quality time with each other outside of the office environment. They spent the weekend boating, jet skiing and cooking some amazing dinners. We feel so fortunate to have such an amazing team to come to work with every day. Now that the seasons are changing, we are excited to switch gears and pull out the winter gear. We hope to see some of you on the slopes this winter. 





Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Fall is Anne’s favorite time of year. We get to slow down and reflect on all the fun we have had over the summer. The Ashtons were blessed with many friends coming to visit from all corners of the country, which allowed us to play host in our great state. One of the favorite things they did this summer was visit the Bumblewood Thicket Ferry Village. It is an enchanted experience for small children, full of wonder and magic. The Ashton family went at least three times. All three Ashton children are now back in school and appreciating the routine and seeing their friends every day. They have started to pull out the winter clothes and determine what fits and what needs to be passed down. They all are getting excited for our family tradition of going to Red Lodge for Thanksgiving to spend some much-needed quality time with cousins.





Client Associate

Kaylee and Tanner have had a wonderful summer and start to fall. It started with a family reunion in Little Bitterroot Lake where they enjoyed surfing, good food, and many laughs. A couple weeks after, they had a family reunion at Lake Mary Ronan, followed by a team retreat at Echo Lake. They enjoyed getting to visit so many lakes they hadn’t been to before. Kaylee was in a wedding for her childhood friend and was honored to make her wedding cake. A fun fact about Kaylee is she has spent many summers baking all kinds of cakes and treats for weddings and birthdays. Life has been so busy with her engagement and wedding planning, so she is looking forward to slowing down a bit. The start of fall means the start of football season, and Kaylee and Tanner are looking forward to all the Cats football games in their future.






Senior Registered Practice Coordinator

The summer months flew by, but the McAleer family did their best to enjoy them while they lasted! Brody took advantage of every opportunity to join his dad at the golf course and was always happy to help him steer the cart around the grounds. In July, Carrie, Brody, and Finley joined their cousins up at Squaw Creek for several days of camping (day camping for the McAleer’s), where Brody loved wading in the creek with his cousins, running through the campground and playing in his uncle’s camper van. Finley was a trooper and content to watch the chaos unfold from the safety of her pack-n-play. Finley spent the last six weeks pouring her energy into mastering the skill of crawling and is now proudly following her big brother around the house. August concluded with Brody’s third birthday party! He had several friends over, ate too much watermelon, jumped in his bouncy house, and played until he reached exhaustion. It was a wonderful summer, but the family is excited for the arrival of cooler temperatures, beautiful colors, and all that autumn has to offer!





Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Assistant Branch Manager

If you ask Brenda what she has been doing this last quarter, her reply would be, “volleyball.” If she is not watching her sophomore daughter on the court with the Bozeman Hawks, she is cheering on her 8th grade daughter who has committed to trying the sport in middle school. Brenda is a proud supporter of both and wouldn’t trade the busyness for anything. Before school started, she was able to sneak away to Great Falls for the annual CMR Art Auction event. She enjoyed time with several other D.A. Davidson women and had the opportunity to see the passion of the arts, culture, and community that Larry and Anne Martinez generously share. Brenda saw over 200 incredible pieces go to lucky winners, ranging from $1,500-over 2MM, and was subsequently in awe of the beautiful scenic colors that seemed to jump out as she made the trip back to Bozeman. Fall is possibly her favorite time of year, so she will enjoy the weather, and will continue to cheer on her daughters and sneak in a Bobcat game when time allows. 





Client Associate

This late summer season has been full of big life changes for Allegra. She and her husband, Collin, decided to celebrate their one-year anniversary with a bold cross country move. They left Nashville behind and headed to Bozeman to find friends, family, and a place to call home. Since arriving in Montana, Allegra has been loving its natural beauty and exploring the many hiking trails Bozeman offers. It has been a busy few months for Allegra getting settled in a new home and career. She was ecstatic to find a wonderful company and position with the Owen Legacy Group, and she looks forward to a promising career and community. Allegra and Collin were searching for a place to build a family and call home. They found that Bozeman is more than they could have hoped for and are looking forward to the year ahead.