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2022 Q2: What's New at the Owen Legacy Group

What's New at the Owen Legacy Group

2022 Q2 Edition






Senior Registered Associate

Summer has finally arrived, and the McAleer clan couldn’t be more excited. Brody has spent the sunny days helping his dad mow the lawn, playing in his backyard pool, digging in the garden with mom, and exploring the banks of Bridger Creek with his papa! While the family is spending the majority of the summer in Bozeman, they are looking forward to attending two weddings in Northern Idaho in July and August. Despite loving the warm days, Brody is anxiously awaiting colder weather and the arrival of his baby brother or sister. The family is thrilled to become a family of four this December!









Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Anne is having a wonderful summer full of long wildflower walks in the pasture, gardening, and weekends on Ennis Lake. She has recently started taking weekly tennis lessons; it has been fun and humbling to learn something new and wonderful to have dedicated time with great friends. The entire Ashton crew is looking forward to traveling in July. Anne is hoping all of those swim lessons have made an impact on Charlie and Margaux as they head east for a week of family and fun on the beach.






Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

While it has been wetter and colder than usual, Morgan and his family have been enjoying summer thus far. They have been biking, golfing, playing tennis and spending time on the water. As July kicks off, they are looking forward to enjoying longer warmer days hanging out with family and friends. They are also looking forward to heading to the East Coast for a weeklong family reunion and showing Oliver the beach for the first time.







Senior Registered Associate

Leah started out her summer with a very spontaneous weekend trip to San Diego in May. Booking the trip with just four hours before her departing flight, it was a whirlwind to get ready for, but a decision she is so happy with. The repairs and remodel of Leah’s home, although slow moving, are underway. She is excited for the refresh including new paint, flooring, and an on-demand boiler unit which will free up some much needed space. With conflicts between contractor schedules, much has been delayed a few months so she has been taking the time to focus on being outside with landscaping and gardening projects. Carving out plenty of time to hike, she is preparing for a four day backpacking trip in Glacier National Park. Although she’s lived in Montana for 14 years, this will be her first trip to Glacier and she is so excited to check this off her bucket list. In keeping with travel as her priority for 2022, she is very busy with planning a much anticipated trip to Scotland this August.






Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Assistant Branch Manager

It’s been a blur for Brenda over the last few months. Not only has she sifted through boxes while continuing to finish the house, moving one mess over to another, transitioning from one bathroom to several, she has also been able to fit in the final tournaments’ travel for volleyball, tending to medical needs of her children, an 8th grade graduation, hosting family for a memorial service, the beginning of camps for the girls, and managing to help take care of Piper successfully over the last several weeks. However, the chaos passes the time quickly and suddenly pavement is in, landscaping is about to begin, and the trim will go up soon. Brenda is looking forward to summertime in Montana with some camping, followed by a real vacation somewhere to be determined.






It is with mixed emotions that we inform you Macee Ingraldi has decided to continue her career path in the dental field. Her last day was July 5. We appreciate the courage she showed to try something new, and thoroughly enjoyed having her in the office and especially on our team. She was willing to learn something new, eager to help out, and a great team player. We’ll miss her smile and fun personality in the office; however, she will continue to live in Bozeman, and we fully support her as she jumps right back into dental work. We are on the hunt for her replacement so if you know someone who you think would be a good fit, please let us know.