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2024 Q1: What's New at Owen Legacy Group

What's New at the Owen Legacy Group

2024 Q1 Edition





Client Associate

2024 started off on a high note for Kaylee and Tanner. They got married in January in Cancun. They had the most amazing week in paradise with their closest friends and family. The wedding day was even more magical than Kaylee could have drempt. They kept the party going and had a reception in Butte with all the people who couldn’t make it to Mexico. While they have loved every minute of getting to celebrate their love, they are looking forward to things winding down and settling into married life. They were able to ski Big Sky a few times this season, and while the days for skiing are numbered, they are looking forward to getting out at least one more time.





Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Morgan and his family have had a fun filled winter with plenty of adventures. Oliver is loving learning how to ski, and the Owens have enjoyed weekend trips to a handful of different Montana ski areas this winter. As the snow begins to melt, Morgan, Marisa, and Oliver are looking forward to longer warmer days and getting out on the river and golf course. The great quarter was topped off by a fun Easter weekend with the entire Owen family. Oliver also celebrated his fourth birthday at the end of March. Time sure does fly.





Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Anne and the Ashton family have had a wonderful winter; they spent quite a bit of time skiing at Bridger Bowl. Their youngest daughter (Claire) has graduated to skiing independently which is exciting for everyone involved. The entire Ashton family is looking forward to spring and warmer weather. In-between snowstorms, they have pulled out the bikes, ridden horses and even been out on the golf course. The entire Owen family was able to spend Easter weekend together in Ennis, and with six kids running around on an Easter egg hunt, it was quite a sight to behold. The kids are looking forward to summer and long days of playing outside, and Anne is looking forward to getting in her garden and seeing what she can grow.   






Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Assistant Branch Manager

Brenda put away her Bozeman Hawks gear for a few weeks and was able to spend some time away enjoying the sites and activities available in Las Vegas with her family over Spring Break. Some of the highlights of the week were the pool, the Venetian, the shopping, and the Toto-Journey concert. Beginning in April, Brenda will be on the road and in the gym again to watch her daughter, Jenna, play volleyball, which is one of her favorites. And, when not traveling for sports this spring, Brenda will also be adding in travel for two family graduations and a few business trips to Seattle. She’s looking forward to summer camping and the warmer days in Montana in the coming months.






Senior Registered Practice Coordinator

Despite an unseasonably dry winter, the McAleer’s managed to enjoy ample time outdoors and embrace the unpredictable weather Montana is known for. During dry spells, the family kept busy riding bikes, visiting local parks, and playing in the backyard. When the snow did fly, the family could be found sledding at Bridger Creek, building snow men, and perfecting their snowball making abilities. In March, Carrie enjoyed a girls’ weekend away in Paradise Valley, and Jon was able to soak up some sunshine during a guys’ golf trip to Arizona. The whole family is eagerly awaiting the true arrival of spring, longer days, and much warmer temperatures.





Client Associate

The Mohr’s have been hunkered down for the final days of winter here in Bozeman. Most days have been spent baking cookies and watching movies. Although, a few special events have helped to keep things interesting. Allegra celebrated a birthday in February by going to a concert with her husband, Collin. The OLG team and friends also celebrated Kaylee’s beautiful wedding reception in Butte. Allegra has really enjoyed the first sunny days of spring. She even tried to convince her cat to get out and enjoy the sunshine, but he wasn’t a fan. Overall, it has been a time of relaxation and preparation for the busy summer ahead. Allegra cannot wait to get back outside and enjoy some fun in the sun!