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2020 Q1 Feature: Estate Document Challenge


2020 Estate Document Challenge

So you are stuck at home and watching the market go up and down, or watching your kids slowly drive each other crazy, you have cleaned everything...twice... and finished the pile of books on your nightstand and wishing there was something you could do. Since it always feels good to do something productive, and we are all going to need a break from binging on Netflix and the news, we are issuing a COVID-19 challenge.

The Owen Legacy Group Challenages You To:


1. Find your estate documents.
2. Read them.
3. Sit down with a glass of wine/beer/cocktail and discuss what they say and mean.
4. Let us know what you find, feel, discussed.


We will send anyone a bottle of wine who commits to taking this challenge. You just need to let us know when you will be having your deep-dive discussion and we will make sure you have a drink in hand.

To get you started, let’s discuss why estate planning is so important and some guidelines to help you and your partner/family have these discussions productively. Your estate plan is the best tool we have to carry on your legacy, and your wishes, after you have passed away. It is the best way to make sure that your children are taken care of if they are young, and are kind to one another upon your passing if they are adults. A well-communicated estate plan can keep your heirs from being hurt, keep arguments from breaking out, and it can give your spouse the tools and direction they will need to easily navigate through a very difficult time.

What Does an Estate Plan Include?


All estate plans are different but a basic plan will include:

1. A will or trust
2. A power of attorney, either durable or springing
3. A health care power of attorney
4. A living will

Things to consider in your discussion:

Consider starting with the included “What My Family Should Know” workbook. This may be a good first step to wrap your mind around all that is included in your estate. When you finish, don’t forget to let your Personal Representative know where you keep it.

If there is a portion of your estate plan that doesn’t sit well with you, or that you and your spouse come back to with differing opinions, you should stop. First, let that portion sit and continue to discuss the rest of the documents; next, separately write down your thoughts; lastly, let us facilitate a conversation around that difficult topic.

It may take more than one bottle of wine and it may take more than one evening. Currently, we are all suffering from a shortage of peace of mind and this is a place we can all find some. This is a worthwhile use of your time, so let’s use the extra time we have found and take care of a lingering project.

Finally, if you do not have estate documents, are wondering if you need them, or if you have started the process three times only to get stuck and give up, let us know. We are here to be your sounding board and your accountability partner. We are here to ask the hard questions and to help you find a good fit for an attorney who can turn your wishes into legal documents.



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