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2021 Q4: OLG | Who Does What?

OLG | Who Does What?

As our team grows, we realize that it can be hard to know who on the team is best suited to help you with what question. We thought we would take a little space in the newsletter to outline our distinct roles so that you can receive the best and most efficient service possible. 




We are your financial advisors, and are here to coordinate, plan, and execute all of your financial needs.  We sit with you and think deeply about how to achieve your goals and optimize your financial situation.  Each of us are Certified Financial Planners™, and as such we are in charge of looking at your big picture, preparing your financial plan and being available to you for any and all questions you may have about your financial picture and accounts. This includes, but is not limited to, retirement planning, educational planning, charitable planning, budgeting, tax and estate planning in coordination with your CPA and attorney, legacy planning, insurance and risk management. Anne, Morgan and Brenda are also your portfolio managers. We focus on investment selection, portfolio construction and management, making sure you are in the portfolio that is best suited to reach your unique goals.  



With the addition of Macee, Carrie will be stepping back from her role of answering the phones and processing money movement requests. She will continue to manage all things surrounding your meeting with Anne, Morgan or Brenda, starting with coordinating our schedules and preparing any necessary paperwork, to following your requests to completion. Please give Carrie a call if you need to reschedule your meeting, or if you would like to give your advisor any questions or helpful information ahead of your meeting. 






As Carrie transitions away from taking everyday phone calls, Leah will continue to take care of your account related questions and money movement requests as you’ve grown accustomed to. Along with your advisor, Leah will be available for stock quotes and placing trades. You may also reach out to her for estate related questions as she processes these for our clients. As time allows, she will be taking on small planning projects for you as well. 







Macee will welcome your questions, and be thankful for your patience, as she gains experience assisting you with your requests. Please feel free to introduce yourself and welcome her to the team when you catch Macee on the phone. Leah and Macee are your contacts for a large number of account related tasks such as, but not limited to, the following:

     Providing your account information; balances, activity, etc. 

     Transferring money, wires, check requests

     Providing copies of statements

     Changing your address or updating your contact information

     Assistance with Client Access and the D.A. Davidson App 

     Paperwork related questions


As always, each of our members are here to assist you with any issue you may have. This list is merely meant to help you receive the best possible service we can provide. If you are unsure of who to reach out to, you can always e-mail the entire team at or call the team line (406-556-6993) and we will be happy to get you to the right place.